Needle Felted Commissions



If you have a birthday or special occasion to celebrate, why not commission us to create a 'mini-me'...or perhaps you just want a mini celebrity! Each commission is carefully needle felted to create a lookalike to treasure. Clear photographs and a few personal details of likes and dislikes can help to create a unique gift. 


Woolly Mini-Me


commission ws.png
Your woolly Majesty and Corgi.png


Over the years we have been frequently asked to create miniature versions of people pets, some of whom have passed away and some who are just loved. Working from photographs we take care to create the character of the animal, adding a small bone or ball of wool and blanket to accompany them on their way to their new home. 


A Special Pet


Teddy commision.png

Just for fun!



The magic of needle felting means that we can make anything!

You think up the idea...and we will have a go. We love a challenge!

Ring to discuss ideas with us and we will help you to realise them.


vicki commission .png
ws commision for kay pink bg.png


Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the commission. Just ring us on 01622 620455 for a chat and we will be able to give you a quote.


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