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Our needle felting books are for complete beginners AND needle felting addicts looking for new ideas. They contain all you need to know,

with step-by-step projects, lots of tips and helpful techniques.

Our Felty Towers story book tells why and how and why the

Mouse Mates made Felty Towers.

Needle Felting for Beginners book
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Signed copies of our 'Needle Felting for Beginners', Needle Felting Teddy Bears' and 'Felty Towers' tale are available now from our shop

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176 PAGES*  10 PROJECTS*  £19.99

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After 18 months of hard work, late nights and many giggles we are proud to present our latest needle felting book. Ranging from simple to more complex dolls

it will take you on a journey like no other!

There are 176 pages with clear instructions, oodles of photographs and hints and tips to help you along the way. You will be able to make a simple Queen of Hearts, a Knitted Nigel in a comfy armchair, a twinkling Christmas Fairy, a jointed weeny dancing dolly, an ethnic Kawaii doll plus our Silver Surfer Sid, Mother Earth and even a Weird and Wonderful doll to let your imagination fly.

Along the way you will find other characters to inspire a spread the magic. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it!

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Needle Felting for Beginners book

124 PAGES*  12 PROJECTS*  £9.99

over 47,000 sold already!


How exciting. LOOK...our beginners book!
Signed copies available now from our shop

It's fun, it's addictive, it's achievable. This complete course for the absolute beginner is packed full of useful tips and techniques to help you in your own felting adventures. More experienced needle felters may also love the family of adorable

 mini designs and characters we have created.

Learn how to sculpt small teacup worlds, animals, birds and even your friends and family. There are 12 exciting projects, starting with the easiest

and progressing in difficulty from simple cookie cutter shapes

to an armatured shabby sheep and a fine crafty fox . 

Needle felted animals birds
Needle felted mice

We include loads of helpful tips and techniques

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Learn how to make us!

Needle felted mice

'Oooh....do you know that thousands of lovely people have bought this book and we are in it....fame at last!

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Jo Cook's review


I am not a beginner. In fact I teach workshops and I like to have books at my workshops for people to look at as often they ask what I recommend. Yours is the best so far for a beginner and it's so beautiful, so much information that most do not bother to include. Good luck and I shall definitely be recommending this one!"

Helen Murphy's Review

"I just love this book. I learnt to needle felt with Roz and Judy’s first book but oh how I wish I had had this one as it is just perfect for the complete beginner. As a lot of craft books do starts with equipment but this goes further talking about different needles with specific sizes and why you need them. Love that it also covers how to extend life of your pad and make eco friendly one too all before you even start on the makes themselves.

"What is so great is it’s like doing a course. Each make builds your skills and includes use of wire in later ones. You won’t be disappointed with this book. I understand needle felting experts won’t necessarily get as much from it but we can all learn and sure there is something for everyone. I loved the instructions on how to make clay noses as I’d never thought of that So many different ideas that you can replicate or adapt to suit yourself. This second book should have been the first but even so I’m so glad that Roz and Judy did write it! Here’s to the next."


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96 pages*  17 projects*  £9.99

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We had great fun writing this book and creating all the little bears. The needle-felting techniques are explained clearly with step-by-step instructions and loads of close up photographs. You will learn about the materials you need, and every stage is covered, including the very important bit about how to give your bear its very own personality by using different wool colours, fibres and embellishments.

If you want to needle felt a teddy bear's picnic we show you how to make a charming little Baker Bear - and a whole batch of fluffy cakes, bread and woolly cookies!  

...And a cute TEDDY KIT

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Our Bear Buddy needle felting kit contains all you need to create your own little jointed bear.



You can buy our KIT and BEAR BOOK

 for the special price of £28.

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H. Murphy's Amazon review:  

Absolutely superb book! I got this and had never needle felted before but very quickly and easily made my first bear and can't wait to do more! Easy to understand instructions with step by step photographs so you can see what you are doing, so many ideas too once you have done your basic bear how to dress them and customise them. Cannot praise enough a great buy and a great hobby that is so cheap to start. Give it a try, but you will soon be addicted!

Doubleday Book Club USA review


This is one of those books where, even if you never did the projects you’d still have a wonderful time looking at the adorable photos--each one is a fabulously detailed scene! But I can’t imagine that you’d look at this book and not need to drop everything

and make a tiny teddy.”

Anastasia, Doubleday Book Club, USA




Welcome to our wonderfully woolly world where anything can happen...

and one day it does! In a teen weeny hole in our studio floorboards live a family of woolly mice. One day there is a flash flood and our little mouse mates are swept away. This is the tale of what happens to them as they put their making skills to good use.

This book was written during Lockdown to enchant and raise a few smiles. For children and adults alike and for those who just like to dream!

Wendy Payne: Amazon review: 

Such a beautifully written and illustrated book. A wonderful introduction to the art of rhyme. The characters are adorable and the little biographies at the end of the book really brings them to life. My grandaughter was enchanted. We want to live at felty Towers! We hope there is more to come.

32 PAGES*  STORY BOOK*  £6.99

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You can buy our Ickle Mouse kit and 'What the Mouse mates Made' book

for £24