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Learn the magic with our needle felting kits.

Step-by-step all the way  *  Materials included  *  Helpful templates

Close up photographs   *  Tip top tips  *  Make them and love them! 

Now let us take a little peep at what's inside!


Ickle Mouse kit.png
happy hare kit website.png
Happy Hare kit pic website.png
Website hare kit.png

Happy hares - a great beginner's kit!

There's all that you need to make us

Down to the very small bits

We hope that you'll make us some friends

With these wonderfully nice woolly kits!

birth certificate

With a birth certificate all fine

For new borns woolly and 'ooooh'

Celebrate your make with love

With this little gift for you.

ld kit small.png
Cool Cat Needle Felting kit
pc website small.png
Andy Alpaca Needle Felting kit
Sheep kit.png
Bear Buddy Needle Felting kit
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