'Woolly' because that's just what we are

- and we are proud of it!

In our 'oh so serious' world there

is plenty of room for laughs

(and some needle felting of course!)

We are sisters Judy Balchin and Roz Dace

who love to needle felt and have fun.

Wool, fibres and fluff make our world go round!


As artists, writers and crafters we love to make people smile with our alternative ideas and thoughts. After many years of working separately in the art and craft industry, we have combined our talents to bring you the Woolly Felters.

We needle felt from our wool filled studio at Felty Towers, in Kent where we enjoy our whimsical world. We have been working as the Woolly Felters for over six years now during which time we have written three books, run workshops and enjoyed creating a magical world of storytelling with our woolly creatures.

From an early age Roz has always loved creative writing, drawing, painting and all crafts. Following time spent in Paris, where she learnt French at L’Alliance Francaise, she started her career in television and in the media before joining Search Press, where she enjoyed many years as Editorial Director commissioning practical art and craft books for international markets. She is a published poet, loving myths and legends, lyrical storytelling and eco odes, and she has also written our 
childrens' book 'What the Mouse Mates Made: Felty Towers'.


Judy is a designer, who has written numerous books and magazine articles on practical crafts. She attended Cardiff, and then Maidstone College of Art where she studied graphic design before starting work as a designer at the BBC. Over the years she has worked as a lettering artist, illustrator and craft designer and demonstrator. She has appeared on DVD’s and television and enjoys teaching workshops internationally. 

A bit about Roz

Roz Dace author, commissioning editor, needle felter
Judy Balchin author designer needle felter

A bit about Judy

Our alter egos, Mo and Flo, who live in Felty Towers and love what we do.

Needle felted dolls
The Woolly Felters

About Us


Our wee mouselings who share and love our world. Their main aim in their little woolly lives is to find and eat cheese (they love making cheese 

crumpets), and to help to bring a little light and joy into our crafty days.