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The Making of King Charles 111

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We are sad that our beloved Queen Elizabeth is no longer with us, as she rests in peace in a cosy corner of Felty Towers. With enduring love for Her Majestyness and as the sun sets on her life, we are honouring the Woolly Succession as King Charles III succeeds to the throne.

In the dawning of this new era, deep in our studio, where mice dream of cheese and where we keep our treasured wool vaults, we have been busy needle felting our very own wise King.

When capturing a likeness getting the features right is really important, so good reference photographs were needed. Time was taken to needle felt the eyes and sculpt the nose. Cheeks, lips, chin, etc., were then added, gradually building up the face until King Charles began to emerge from the bundle of woolly fibres. Piercing blue eyes helped to create the royal look, not forgetting...

...his ears of course!

His Woolly Highness's face was given a lightly brushed makeover using pink pastel powder on his cheeks, and the same soft colour was added to his lips too.

His body was needle felted very firmly, as we wanted him to be able to stand without any form of support.

Then his body was covered in white wool with a small collar strip

to create a shirt.

His lower legs were covered in suitably

regal dark red wool before the royal

tartan slippers were created, each one

being topped with a fluffy bobble.

and then the plus fours!

It was time for the Mouse Mates to step up to their Royal duties - to design the tartan and make the kilt.

His Royal Kingness was mightily pleased with the results....'Fit for a king' he smiled - to a chorus of delighted squeaks.

Nor did the wee mice forget a splendid sporran for carrying special cheese treats!

It was all so wonderful. With their Royal kilt duties fulfilled, the mice rushed back to the East Tower to quickly clean and tidy up before His Kingness moved in to his Royal 'Sweet' (so called by the Mice).

Of course, he first had to meet the other Mouse Mates before he settled into life at Felty Towers with his new woolly family.

So, with the Woolly Succession heralding a time of change, we continue our Royal stories with big love and cheese.

Lots of love from Roz and Judy, and the Mouse Mates! xxxxxxxx

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2023

Hello lovely ladies. Do you do a pattern for King Charles please. Thank you

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