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Ickle Mouse Kit and Story Book

Ickle Mouse Kit and Story Book

£26.99 Regular Price
£24.00Sale Price

Make your own Ickle mouse with this kit. Everything you need is included plus a birth certificate to send your mouse merrily on his way.

Our 'What the Mouse Mates Made' book was written in reaction to Ickle Mouse's popularity on social media. Welcome to our wonderfully woolly and whimsical world where anything can happen….and one day it does! In a teeny weeny hole in our studio floorboards our little needle felted mouse mates are swept away in a sudden splashy splash flood. This is the tale of what happened to them as they put their making skills to good use and built Felty Towers where Ickle and his family now live. This book was written to enchant and raise smiles for children and adults alike and for those who just like to dream.

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